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6 Professionals Who Can Help Build Your Dream Home

Almost everyone has daydreamed of their perfect home—enough bathrooms for every teenager, a room dedicated to displaying your collections, a home theater. No matter the specifics of your dream home, you need a few professionals to help this dream become a reality. Here, the experts at Thomas Halstead Designs explain the six pros you need to make your dream home a reality.

1. Architect

An architect is the first person you need to help bring your vision to life. This is the professional who can take your ideas and put them on paper. Not only can an architect incorporate fanciful ideas, such as creating a secret passageway to a hidden room, but they also deal in more practical pursuits, including incorporating load-bearing walls and electrical access. Some people choose their own architect to work with, while others work with an architect on retainer with the homebuilders they've chosen.

2. Homebuilder

The homebuilder is the contractor that completes the actual construction of your dream home. Look for someone you trust that has positive reviews and is reputable. When making your choice, ask as many questions as you can think of, from how many homes they build annually and why you should choose them to the warranty they offer.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents aren't just useful for helping you buy a pre-built home. They work with the rest of your team to find a perfect location for your new home. These professionals often have the inside scoop on things to consider outside the house construction itself, such as where the best schools are located and which neighborhoods are poised for growth. Many fine real estate agents based in Safford and

4. Interior Designer

That mental image of your dream home includes the physical structure as well as what the interior looks like and the feelings the various spaces in your home evoke. An interior designer can help you find the perfect colors, furniture, and accessories to ensure the image in your mind matches the reality of your new home. Perhaps most importantly, an interior designer can help you align the vision you have with real-life considerations, such as choosing an easy-to-maintain carpet for homes with kids or blending comfort and your preferred aesthetic.

5. Land Surveyor

You want to make the most of your money and your space, so it’s absolutely essential to work with a property surveyor. These experts can help determine exact boundaries between you and neighboring properties, as well as determine necessary restrictions. Working with a surveyor ensures you are aware of any particulars that affect the location, size and type of structure. Most likely, your real estate agent can point you toward a reputable surveyor.

6. Landscape Expert

Finally, after you've spent so much time on your home's interior and exterior design, take the same care with the outdoor space. Not only can a landscaping expert help you take advantage of all your space, but they can make it look beautiful as well. Often, a 3D rendering can be made to help you visualize several options for your new home's outdoor area. When looking for local landscapers, read reviews, evaluate experience and value, and compare cost estimates when choosing the professional to maximize your dream home's curb appeal.

Putting It All Together

The professionals you trust to create your dream home may work together routinely, or they may be coming together for the first time on your project. Regardless, once you build your team, you're well on your way to living a dream life in your new dream home. Reach out to Thomas Halstead Designs to check out our portfolio and to find out more about our interior design services.

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