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Hiring an Interior Designer needn't be as painful as paying for one.

Read on to see how Thomas Halstead Designs specialize in making your home beautiful while putting you at ease.

You're seek exceptional home design, and we supply it.  


As your Interior Designer, I will listen to and hear your ideas, wants, and needs.  I'll work closely with you to evaluate your ideas and find the best use of your space. With this information I create design solutions that fit your vision. 

You might already know some benefits of home design services; I’d like to highlight a few.

·        Free in-home consultation to determine some of your wants and needs.

·        Detailed discussions about your design and lifestyle needs.

·        Coordination of architects, contractors, drawings and materials to ensure smooth interactions and installation of architectural design and details.

·        Address concerns, such as space planning, color palette, furniture plans and interior architecture concepts when needed

·        When hiring Thomas Halstead Designs, you can rest assured that delivery and installation of all architectural, design and furnishing elements – will be done with percision and care


  It's all in a days work to have great fun helping clients select the right furniture and accessories to Bring Your Style to life.


You can always rely on expert guidance throughout your residential or commercial design project.

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