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For interior designing, businesses and homeowners might feel as though they can do it themselves. After all, it is just decorating, right? Wrong. Interior design is more than just putting furniture in a room and slapping paint on the wall and calling it a day. It is about creating an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

And for those of you who are not confident in your own design skills, you know that hiring a professional interior designer's service is definitely worth the investment. There are many benefits to hiring a professional interior designer for your business, such as Thomas Halstead Designs.

Some Advantages in Hiring an Interior Designer Include:

* In-depth training - Many people get confused regarding applying the correct terminology to interior decorators versus interior designers. An interior decorator will work with the homeowner or business director and concentrate on the general aesthetics of a space. On the other hand, an interior designer is a professional who also works on both residential and commercial projects, and can be hired to work on a single room or an entire building. However, they do even more, as they work with construction and architect contractors. They have knowledge of building codes, state regulations, and requirements.

* Less Stress - Attempting to decorate or renovate rooms in your business or home space can challenge you, even if the project is small. With an interior decorator such as Thomas Halstead Designs, individuals can have peace of mind, knowing that the team will choose furniture, accessories, and colors that will create a cohesive look in your home or business. Additionally, an interior designer can provide expert advice on lighting, window treatments, and flooring, and even on the structure itself.

* Help you save money - Renovations can be costly, especially if you do not know about the world of design. By hiring a top quality interior designer, residents and businesses can save money and get a better finished product. The average person does not have access to resources like trade discounts and professional networks that designers have. Designers can also help you avoid costly mistakes, such as choosing the wrong paint color or furniture style. Designers can help you create a functional and beautiful space that is tailored to your specific needs and taste. In the end, they can take your ideas and turn them into reality, all while staying within your budget.

This is just a sample of the services we offer our clientele at Thomas Halstead Designs.

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As you can see, hiring an interior designer has many benefits. The designer can help you create a space that is both stylish and functional, which can improve the quality of life for everyone involved. They can also help you save money by suggesting affordable solutions and avoiding costly mistakes. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your home, consider hiring Thomas Halstead Designs.

We are located and serve Hollywood, California and the surrounding areas. For a free consultation or to get more details about what we provide, please visit or call 614-758-9701.

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