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Home Decoration for Two (On a Budget)

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Moving in with a significant other is an exciting time. Not only do you get to bring your households together, but it’s also a chance to carve out a new home identity — the one you create as a team. Decorating a couple’s home isn’t as simple as just mixing up your belongings. Finding décor that celebrates both of you is a vital step toward making sure you both feel completely at home in your shared space.

However, decorating a house or apartment can cost a pretty penny; make sure you’re keeping your budget in mind when making décor decisions. The more affordable you can keep the process, the better. You may be sharing the cost, but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard.

Thomas Halstead Designs shares a few more tips on how you can decorate together while keeping costs low.

Take Inventory

The first thing you need to do before you begin to decorate is to take inventory. Combining households means you have a lot of stuff to go through. Although you may not want to use everything the two of you have, odds are good there are some prizes you’ll want to hold on to.

Go through décor and think practically about whether it suits your aesthetic and where you would put it in your home. Put anything you can’t think of a good place for into donation. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, go ahead and hold onto it — if you don’t find a good place for it in a year, then donate it. You should do the same for any appliances, favoring the nicer versions of items you have multiples of. It’s also worth considering which items you have that are due for upgrades. If you’re both rocking the microwave you bought for your college dorms, it might be time to get a new one for your new space.

Plan Ahead

Once you know what you have, it’s time to pick up the things you don’t. The Spruce suggests starting by figuring out your budget. Set a specific spending goal based on researching the items you need. Once you have this goal, do your best to stick to it; keep that limit in mind when you start shopping.

One of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to stick to a budget is to shop on instinct. The problem with this is simple: Once you’re in the store, everything looks necessary. Do you need new towels? Maybe, maybe not — but you’ll definitely want them either way.

Instead of going to the store blind, make a list of any items you don’t have already, as well as those you want to upgrade for this new stage. You can also do some research ahead of time to find the brands that are most reliable at your ideal price point. For example, if one of you works from home and you need a new desk or other furniture, consider ergonomics, space, and your work habits and tools.

Be Patient

Remember: With the exception of some furniture and appliances, there are very few things you’ll truly need right away. Sort your lists by urgency and allow yourself to take your time. You don’t have to fully decorate your new space in your first month living together. Allowing the process to stretch a little longer means you’ll be able to keep your finances on track.

It may take time to make your space the perfect couple’s home, but patience and strict adherence to your budget will pay off in the end. Eventually, your house or apartment will reflect your mutual tastes and personalities, making it a space where you can feel at home together.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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