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An Introduction to Space Planning

When you read the phrase space planning on the Thomas Halstead Designs website, you probably wonder what that means. The term refers to a practice used in architecture and interior design in which the designer layout the rooms within a space, designating the use of each. This space plan also includes the location of all windows and doors in the structure as well as staircases and lifts.

Space Plan Designs

The space plan puts the building’s design on paper in an understandable manner intended for the owners, the decorators, and the interior designer. The layout may seem like the schematics used on many home sales sites to indicate the layout of a home and it is.

The space plan does more than show the locations of doors and windows. Because the architect or interior designer creates it, the plan lets them design the flow and circulation of the home.

Flow and Circulation

The phrase flow and circulation refers to the way a person would move from one room to the next. It also describes how individuals would enter and exit the home.

This process helps design a home that allows its occupants to effectively move from room to room without problems. They fluidly transition from bedroom to bathroom to dressing room, etc.

Architects and Interior Designer's Use of a Space Plan

An architect uses this tool when designing the home initially. It accompanies the blueprints, which includes a much more detailed and technical set of instructions and drawings for the construction crews to follow.

The interior designer uses it when you request a home remodel or restoration. A renovation only makes small, decorative changes and would not require such a document.

The space plan, when used by an interior designer, typically includes the furniture placement, too. This may not reference the home buying client’s actual furnishings, but where the interior designer suggests they place their furniture to maximize the effective use of the space.

Why Create a Second Space Plan?

The second space plan helps an individual or family already occupying a space to better configure it for flow and circulation. Since the designer creates it on a computer, the space plan allows them to suggest multiple layouts easily so the client can choose their favorite.

Some of these plans may include options, such as furniture the client doesn’t yet own but has considered purchasing. Sometimes, the designer creates a 3D mock-up of each space plan so the client can see each possibility more realistically.

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