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Planning and House Plans

Are You In Need of a Set of House Plans?

If you’re thinking of building your dream home, having a set of house plans are essential for the building process. From coming up with beautiful architectural designs to choosing the perfect location, house plans provide you and your builder a complete resource that outlines your architectural designs and provides an overall concept of your project. 

If you are in need of house plans that can bring your vision to light, contact Thomas Halstead Designs. We can help you through the entire process including working on the architectural designs, coordinating with contractors, and even coming up with the right color palette for the interior of your home. Every intricate detail will be included in your house plan. From the doorknobs, window styles to countertops and light fixtures for every room, you will have a clear idea of what your new home will look like once it’s finished.

When it comes to working on the architectural design for your home, we can also help with furniture and accessory selection, space planning, budget planning and more. We will take your vision and ideas, and come up with a design that keeps the aesthetics and technical characteristics of your ideas in mind, while keeping up with the basic rules of construction. The end result will be a design that will enhance the comfort and quality of living in your home. 

So make a list of your must-haves, contact us and let us know exactly what you’re envisioning for your home. We offer free in-home consultation and are dedicated to providing exceptional service for our clients. 

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